Dysfunctional Family


This week Brandon covered the story of Isaac, Rebekah, Jacob & Esau. Isaac didn't follow in his father Abraham's sin when his wife was barren. Instead of sleeping with a maid, Isaac prayed to the Lord.

Key Texts: Genesis 25; Matthew 16:24-28



Discussion Questions:

  1. God created lots of desires: food, sex, stuff, acceptance, respect, and progress (to name a few). None of these are inherently bad, but they can turn bad when we make them ultimate. What desires are you prone to allow to become an idol(s) in your life?
  2. Can the desire of our flesh really be so strong that you would give up blessings for the rest of your life...for some stew?
  3. “I’m about to die; of what use is a birthright to me? Esau ate, and despised his birthright…” (Genesis 25:32-33). In what areas of life are you prone to do something as crazy as “give away your birthright:” Parenting, pornography, paycheck? What is your "bowl of stew"?
  4. Some key practical steps to battling the desires of the flesh are to 1) make a plan, 2) widen the circle, and 3) count the cost. Which of these will be the hardest for you to live out next week? What’s one way you can make sure you to take action in this area? How can someone in our group help keep you accountable?
  5. How do we know when it is our flesh, and when it is an actual need we need to fulfill?