This week Brandon covered Genesis 10-11, by jumping forward a bit into Exodus 3-4. The tower of Babel is where God sovereignly confused the languages of humanity because we tried to make a name for ourselves instead of making the Lord's name known.

Key Texts: Genesis 10-11; Exodus 3-4



Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you ever done something that put yourself on a pedestal instead of Christ? What was it?
  2. How has your life changed since you started to trust God's plan instead of your own?
  3. Considering Genesis 11, and the Tower of babel, How have communication problems affected relationships in your life or your relationship with God?
  4. The people built a tower so they could make a name for themselves. As we look at this, we have to ask ourselves, is it our name or status that we should be worried about…or the name of our Lord and Savior that works through us? Which are you striving for?
  5. Anytime we put something before God it’s dangerous. Even though the actual item or accomplishment may not be wrong, when we use them to give us self worth, we set ourselves up for failure. Things will give you temporary fixes but nothing can permanently replace God. What towers have you built in your life? 
  6. Why is unity such a force to accomplish either good or evil?