We pressed on in Genesis this week covering chapter 22 where God told Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on the altar. Brandon made it clear that God can do whatever he pleases, including raising Isaac from the dead; but, God chose to have mercy and provide a sacrifice. However, He didn't give himself the same with Jesus who was the perfect sacrifice.

Key Texts: Genesis 22; Hebrews 11; Romans 6



Discussion Questions:

Read Genesis 22:1-19

  1. What indications, in the text, do you find of Abraham’s willingness or reluctance to obey God? 
  2. Are there any clues to what Abraham was thinking or feeling during this experience? What
  3. would you be thinking and feeling if that were you? 
  4. Abraham waited a long time till God blessed him with Isaac. Isaac was a source of joy, pride, and posterity. Isaac was the proof of God’s blessing in Abraham’s life. Yet God asked Abraham to give him up. If you were honest with yourself what is the “Isaac” in your life that is very hard to give up? 
  5. Verse 12 is a very important verse. We discover God’s motivation in for testing Abraham. It reads “Now I know that you fear God, because you have not withheld from me your son, your only son.” What does it mean to “fear God, and how is the fear of God related to “withholding” or “giving” things to God?
  6. Often it feels like we surrender to God and then months later realize that we’ve retaken ownership of that area of our lives. How do we fulfill the command in Romans 12:1 where we continuously present our lives and everything in them as an ongoing sacrifice to the Lord?
  7. We often make “surrendering to God” feel like an obligation with no joy attached to it. We rarely talk about the pain and damage that God is sparing us from. Nor do we talk about the better things that God may want to bless us with. What are some things God has spared you from and the better things that have come? 
  8. How can we as a group help each other continually devote our entire lives to God?
  9. Was there a time when you listened to God and you saw the immediate benefits and blessings? 
  10. What is the area in your life you have the most difficulty including God in. Or, maybe it’s an area in which you retain “veto rights” in case God asks you to do something unreasonable?