Brandon continued in Genesis this week for Father's day by talking about Abraham, the father of many nations.

Key Texts: Genesis 12



Discussion Questions:

  1. What does this passage show you about the character of God?
  2. Do you truly believe that God keeps all of His promises? Why or why not? (Bonus points: Answer this question in a journal entry with supporting Scripture and start keeping a list of God's promises and how you have seen them fulfilled in your own life.)
  3. How do you fit in God's master plan here and now?
  4. God called Abram to obedience. To follow Him beyond what he could see. God told him He would show him a land. He did not say He would give it to him nor did He say what it was. Any applications here in your life? 
  5. Abram’s faith is remembered in Heb 11. This should remind us all that it is by faith that we can only please God. 
  6. We must always remember when God makes a promise He will come through 100% of the time. Sometimes the way in which he fulfills promises in our life may not be our way, but our ways are not His ways, His are infinitely better. How can this be applied to your life, to your family relationships, your friends, and your ministry?
  7. Like Lot many of us give in to our selfish desires that have been born in us. At the moment we chose what is best to satisfy our flesh without seeing down the road. We may even refuse to look ahead because were so selfish. Selfishness is not godliness and it can only lead to destruction. A destruction that may cost much more than we had imagined. Examine your life. Where are you fooling yourself in the area of selfish choices? Are you dating, working, living, dreaming and scheming in the Jordan Valley? Where have you hardened your convictions and given into that dangerous slope of compromise? Get real with yourself and kill your selfishness before you and others get destroyed.