Jacob & Jesus


This week Brandon raced through four chapters in Genesis covering the story of Jacob finding a wife and then promptly repeating the same sin his grandfather Abraham did, sleeping with his wife's servant to have a child.

Key Texts: Genesis 28-31; Luke 1:32-33



Discussion Questions:

Read Genesis 29-31. (Yes, it’s long)

  1. How has being deceitful or being deceived cost you in the past? (29:21-30)
  2. How do our own desires/lusts get in way of what God is doing in our lives?
  3. Finish the following statement as you might have done before reading this passage: “I could be happy if only ...”
  4. What could Rachel have done to overcome her jealous discontentment? What could Jacob have done to help her?
  5. Do you feel jealousy toward some other person? How does God want you to handle those feelings?